TransAct 56

L.A. Raeven Analyse & Research Service is a service unit based in the Netherlands. We are currently investigating new future life styles, changes in society, current trends in fashion and advertising. We are now looking for an


You will be an important source for our investigation, to analyse specific client needs.


required physical profile

- height > 170 cm
- chest < 82 cm
- no full breast development
- backsize = 40 cm
- waist = 43 cm
- hips < 82 cm
- long and slender arms of > 60 cm
- long and slender legs of > 100 cm
- long and thin fingers/toes

beneficial physical profile

- age < 28 years old
- under development of secondary sex
- lack of oxel pubic hair
- loss of hair
- exploratory anatomy revealed
- infantile appearance

- unusual food + drink habits
- controlled day schedule
- have at least 1 practical inability
- unable to deal with stressful situations
- have difficulties in making choices


If selected you will be required to go through a test investigation, prior to appointment. Please note that your Ideal Individual reference must be positive and will be registrated on your upper right arm.
Formula II = 0.8 cm - x ( x = distance in cm).
Apply in writing how you meet these requirements and submitting full curriculum vitae detailing current activities and a picture of yourself to the following address:

museum in progress, Fischerstiege 1, A -1010 Wien

For more information you can contact us by e-mail:

Applications will be treated in strict confidence and must reach the address before 10-11-2000.