KünstlerInnenporträts 41

People said that I became a pirateer: "Oh – she's the one who is the pirate of the images." It's interesting, because in the seventies I had this ferocious image. I was a singular woman pirate. I got my photo around a lot, "Yeah, she's the pirateer of the images." Then, in the 90s, I would tease and say, "Oh she was the pirate of the image. Oh, she appropriated images (in the early eighties). She stole images (in the mid-eighties). Oh, she samples images (in the nineties)." It kind of goes like that as the generations change. (Dara Birnbaum)

Das Gespräch zwischen Dara Birnbaum und Hans-Ulrich Obrist fand im September 1995 statt.