DO IT – TV-Version

DO IT – Nr. 02

Choisis un après-midi. Samedi après-midi était parfait pour moi. Chacun doit avoir son lieu magique. Liste de l'équipement dont on a besoin : 1, une pelle solide, 2, une pioche pour le jardin, et 3, vos vêtements préférés. Commencez lentement. Sentez la texture de la terre.

[Translation: Choose an afternoon. Saturday afternoon was perfect for me. Everyone must have their magical place. List of equipment we need: One, a solid shovel, two, a pickaxe for the garden, and three, your favourite clothing. Start slowly, feel the texture of the Earth.]

And when the time is right, slowly climb into the hole, lie on your back and look up at the sky for at least five minutes. You will know when to climb out. It’s the time you realise there’s so much more to do.

Do it.

Video, 1:44 min.