DO IT – TV-Version

DO IT – Nr. 01

DO IT – Home Version by Shere Hite
Embrace an important friend in a full-length hug for thirty-one minutes. Contact should be frontal, body to body, full length with legs, chests, pelves and heads touching. Speak a maximum of twenty words each to each other. Do not proceed to other activities or sex. The room should be silent, without music.
“I can’t touch you below the waist. I don’t think there’s a difference between the spirit and the body”.
“Neither do I”.
“Well then.”
After, write your sensations on a large paper or blackboard. Name the activity you have engaged in using just one word. Mail this word to me.

Video, 2:08 min., Darstellerinnen: Jill Foulston, Shere Hite