profil without words

"profil No. 6 from 07-02-2000, without words"
based on an artistic concept by Hans-Peter Feldmann

All texts, advertisements and non-photographic illustrations have been removed from issue No. 6 from 07-02-2000 of the Austrian weekly news magazine profil and the magazine was reproduced in the same layout. A museum in progress project made possible by artpool. 

"profil without words" goes back to a representational model conceived by the German concept artist Hans-Peter Feldmann in the early 70's; a concept which can now be realised thanks to newly-developed reproduction processes. museum in progress was for the first time able to convince a print medium to agree to the artist's suggestion to print pictures without captions and without text. The Austrian news magazine profil has made available all the data from its current issue in order to allow the almost simultaneous printing of the magazine with all texts, advertisements and non-photographic illustrations removed.

This project, which had been under preparation for a long time and which was originally planned for the end of February, was brought forward due to the current political situation in Austria. (Vienna, 04-02-2000)

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