raising flags

raising flags 10

"Diamond and rhombus have many different meanings as symbols, depending on the area in which they are used. They do not stand as a symbol for a specific theme or area, but nevertheless run through the entire history of mankind. From Stone Age murals to Norse mythology to social media hashtags. Depending on the assignment, – as an ornament, as a sign for the vulva, as a protective eye or as a warning symbol. In almost every culture or historical era, this symbol has its own meaning and relevance. Conversely, this also means that the rhombus, through its worldwide application, can be a symbol that unites worlds. Elementary geometric shapes are an important part of my work, although I do not use these elements as a means of establishing order, but rather to alter space and thus redefine spatial perception and recognition." (Haleh Redjaian)

The artwork by Haleh Redjaian is available as a flag edition in the format 80 x 120 cm. Edition: 60 copies, signed and numbered. Available under: www.mip.at/en/shop/raising-flags-editions.