Speed & Slowness


"SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER / DECEMBER NOVEMBER OCTOBER SEPTEMBER, 2001" is a condensation of material photographed during the last 4 months of that year, book ended between two commonly recognized events. The sequences are duplicated and shown ascending and descending. A mirror sequence of key frames follows the same devices but is complicated by a programmed pattern that repeats the cut once for each frame of its duration (four), over emphasizing the visual effect of the montage and reorganizing the chronological trajectory into a series of volleys for numeric dominance.

"Michael Snow said that cinema's singular contribution to the language of visual arts was its potential for the precise control of duration. My sensibility, which comes mainly out of understanding film's mechanics through the suburban folk art ritual of home movies, understands duration to be the link connecting film's objective physicality to the cross directional time of memory (a phenomenon that exists only in film, electronic images are based on an all together different principle). The trajectory drawn between the present tense of cinema's retransmitted, durational content and the implied times of its origin forms a complex model of cognizance. In the centre of the schematic is the fixed cinematic object, a kind of chronological scroll inhabiting a space that becomes particularly relevant when the principle narrative construct is the chronology mapping aspect of the technology itself."
(Jeff Preiss)