the sms archives//statement

i'm interested in this recent HYPERCOMMUNICATION PHENOMENA because art is also a field of communication. i'm courious to know where is the point of interlace and how PRIVATE MESSAGE can work as a PUBLIC MESSAGE through the decontextualisation. how a message works in the contemporary society which is, the so-called, 'the society of spectacle' (guy debord), 'the society of risk' (ulrich beck), 'the society of network' (manual castells), 'the society of screen' (lev manovic). a presentation of a message through RELATION: ART - ADVERTISING would be one of the possible answers. 'advertising is the art of teaching people to want things' - h.g.wells. recycling old media through MUTATING OF THE MEDIA is the main characteristic of a current CUT & PASTE CULTURE. the resourcefulness in the new media come from the avant-garde's experience of the editing expanded with sampling and digital manipulations today. those facts are helpfull to use sms in a creative way. in this project

i am on a half way - between THE THEORIES OF MASS-COMMUNICATION where the message is the main sociological element in the relation: SENDER - MESSAGE - RECIPIENT and marshall mcluhan's thesis 'MEDIA IS A MESSAGE'. but charcteristic of both - media and a message is LANGUAGE. every media has its own language, and every message is constracted by the language. according to mihail bahtin, real DIALECTICS is DIALOGUE/INTERACTION between ME AND YOU so without THE CONVERSATIONALIST it wouldn't be possible to play THE SMS GAME. sms language/conversation/message is limited on 160 SIGNS. REDUCTION, SHORT FORM provoke creativity and economic way to use language. for that reason, short message/sm is already made of signs, EMOTICONS, short versions of words. usually i treat sms as a sign item. when i want to outline meaning i BLOW UP THE SIGN. in the same time it is BLOW UP OF THE MOMENT and FREEZE FRAME OF THE TIME, SYNCHRONIZATION with somebody else. TIME CODE. BLOW UP THE MEETING.

as a sign it's always MINIMAL. which is close to minimal art and textual experience of conceptual art. MOBILE PHONE/sms give us a chance to be free NOMADS. somewhere, sometimes, somehow we are always HERE AND NOW with mobile phone. point of meeting is VIRTUAL or maybe it is two locations - TWO DYSPLAYS in TRANSITIVE and TRANSCENDENTAL CONTACT ZONE. the meeting in this case has charactristics of a performance which is art event par exellence, without public eyes. only for YOUR EYES. somehow this event belongs to 'RELATIONALLY AESTHETICS' explained by nicolas bourriaud. another theoretician italo calvino suggested us what to bring in 3rd millennium: LIGHTNESS, SPEED, EXACTNESS, VISBILITY, VARIETY'. with mobile phone/sms we have it.