urbanTension 05


Motto: "Whether you want it or not, you are part of our lives and we are part of your life too." (Heard on Radio Contact, Jan. 1998)

I don't know the reasons why an urban space is built or fragmented in this way or that. How many people know that Haussman build the Paris boulevards in order to predict and to react to any kind of strike or mass revolt? Questions like identity, centre, peripheral organisation, networking, mapping socio-economic infrastructure are related to the power of decision; decisions which are taken at a different level on "biopower" scale – as Toni Negri and Michael Hard call it. 

The BUG is a phenomenon which may happen to any kind of system. It shows something unpredictable yet dangerous which can erupt at any moment. The BUG underlines the vulnerability of a system. The BUG has many faces and can be fatalistic or just fictitious. One thing is clear: it comes and it grows within the system.

I have always liked the kinds of descriptive drawings and diagrams which show the hierarchical complexity of something – for example how a market decision is taken – and then follow its way to realisation. And I wondered what if here or there, at some point something could happen which would affect the consequences of this decision. And here comes the BUG, and its consequences and repercussions disturb the whole system. As an artist you can't follow this kind of phenomenon, you only have intuitions, you can make associations and propose one of your doubts as an alternative to this BUG.