Globale Positionen 16

On Vincent Leow's work for "Global Positions"

As one of the leading contemporary artist in the city-state of Singapore, Vincent Leow has been working in a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, performance, installation and computer generated images. His work focuses on the specific mental state and fantasy of a generation of youth grown up in the rigid but challenging context of the country known for its contradictory mixture of political/social control and frenzy economic/technological modernisation. His work is full of sense of humour, irony and highly efficient as critique of the reality and the psychological complex. He is also a co-director of the most important artist run space in town "Plastique Kinetic Worms" (PKW), an alternative space providing conditions for the most experimental activity in the art circle of the city as well as artists from abroad.

Vincent Leow's project for museum in progress is an image of a KKK member found in a newspaper. The presentation of this image reminds of the necessity of being alert regarding any political danger hidden behind the contemporary society. It's particularly meaningful considering the unsaid discrimination and oppression of difference in our world today.