Globale Positionen 05

E-mail interview with Paola Pivi

> - what is your interest in scientific laboratories about? where does it come from? has it been expressed in other works than the one for mip?

- i am interested in scientific laboratories since you never know what will come out of it, it is about experiments. in this way it has always been expressed in all my other works since i also see them as experiments.

> - what interests you particularly in this laboratory with the neutrinos in italy?

- the fabulous notion of waiting of this huge machine full of liquid substance below the mountain and of the people working in it, waiting for the arrival of the magnetic monopole, which has not been detected yet, but only guessed.

> - what is the relation of this project to other recent work of yours like the air plane you made for the biennale in venice or the project with the 100 chinese you did for your gallery in milan?

- See 1

> science is very much about proving something, think about bruno latour's 'theatre of proof'. you usually do an experiment in order to proof a certain situation/circumstance/process, etc. do you think art has also to do with proving something or is it not actually the opposite? how do you see this struggle/contradiction? - science is not only about proving something, it is about discovering something. yes, you are right art is not a science but maybe it could generate a science to be studied and proved.

(September 2nd 1999)