Globale Positionen 03

On Annika Eriksson's work for "Global Positions"

What is more original – our symptoms, habits and obsessions, or the so called "inner life" of the soul? Annika Eriksson's projects display great sensitivity towards those small deviations and that seem to make each of us unique: the special concerns of a caring mother, the distinct – sometimes bizarre – tastes of a collector. And yet, it would seem that the interaction between humans is more basic then the sensations and expressions of the individual. Is produced by the "external" forces of the collective? One thing is for sure: If you're never confirmed by your fellow human beings, you'll start to questions the status of your own self. Her "Social Sabotage" project for the Museum in Progress, points out some of the unwritten rules of human interaction. Imagine a whole subway full of people reading the same daily paper. Will their way of relating to each other change after taking part of Eriksson"s little "exercise"?

(August 1999)