Worlds of Work

Women's Work is Never Done

"Women's Work is Never Done" by "Die Damen" is the ninth billboard exhibition in the course of the exhibition series "Worlds of Work" by museum in progress in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Labour. The exhibition was presented from February – April 2004 in front of the buildings of the Vienna Chamber of Labour (1040 Wien, Prinz Eugenstraße 20–22 and Plößlgasse 13). The work was also presented in the daily newspaper DER STANDARD and on INFOSCREENs in the Vienna subway-system. 

"Die Damen" ("The Ladies") in the team of the charismatic female artists in the late 80s: Ona B., Evelyne Egerer, Birgit Jürgenssen (1949–2003) and Ingeborg Strobl. Their work was influenced by international activists and proceeded according to strict formal dramaturgy, but also spontaneously and unplanned. "Die Damen" staged performances and parody events and translated the genre of the tableau vivant, the living picture, into the media age. Their live interpretations of role-play of the sexes, their commentaries on the status of women in the art business and in society were pointed and critical but also full of humour and self-irony. (Brigitte Huck)