Worlds of Work

The Great Divide

"The Great Divide" deals with the subject of "women's work" and reacts to the fact that grass roots demands such as "the same pay for the same job" have still not been met. Pieces of women's clothing are dangling on a washing line. They function as signifiers for various job air hostesses, secretaries, chambermaids. Lisl Ponger tells her stories with the ready-mades of life. They deal with the state of society and look for the traces of events which influence our lives. As in many of the artist's works, what is absent also plays an important part as a latent component of the picture. In addition, word-picture combinations underline the political motivation of the work. (Brigitte Huck)

"The Great Divide" is the fifth billboard exhibition in the exhibition series "Worlds of Work" by museum in progress in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Labour. The exhibition could be seen from September – November 2002 in front of the buildings of the Vienna Chamber of Labour (1040 Wien, Prinz Eugenstraße 20–22 and Plößlgasse 13). The work was also presented in the daily newspaper DER STANDARD, on INFOSCREENs in the Vienna subway-system and for the first time on five tram-cars in Vienna.