The Austrian artist Markus Schinwald was chosen for the eleventh project in the "Billboard" series of exhibitions from museum in progress.

Schinwald's work "Stage" is formally constructed on the horizontals and verticals and gewista's modular poster system is built into the concept of the work. The basic motif consists of seven modules which allow numerous combinations of the various elements. Approximately 100 variations were put up according to the artist's choreography. The poster shows three figures, a woman and two men in a kind of stage scene; the woman, with her back to the observer is on the left of the picture in front of a red curtain which she is pulling slightly aside as she looks around it towards the stage. The two men are standing against a fade green background, between them a slightly-opened white door, one of them is wearing a jacket with the arms sewn together like a straightjacket. Although the three figures show some relation to each other in their poses and direction of vision, they appear completely isolated on the empty surface of a variable stage.

"Stage" by Markus Schinwald was presented for the first time on 15-11-1999 as part of the "Drive In" exhibition in the Litfaßstraße, Vienna, in front of the head offices of gewista. The exhibition brought together all the previous works in the "Billboard" series on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of museum in progress (see "Drive In"). "Stage" could then be seen on approximately 2,500 billboards in Vienna from 1st December 1999 for about two months. Inserts of the work were additionally planned in the newspaper, DER STANDARD.

The project was organised in co-operation with Austrian Airlines and gewista; graphic design: Alexander Rendi; digital imaging: Vienna Paint.

Documentation: Folder with a text by Jens Hoffmann.