Museum in Progress

The artistic work by the Belgian artist Isabelle Arthuis with its programmatic title "Museum in Progress" is the thirteenth contribution to the exhibition series "Billboard" by museum in progress. 

Variations on the artistic theme were presented from December 2001 to January 2002 on approximately 2,500 billboards in Vienna, as computer animations on video screens in the Vienna underground-system and as inserts in the daily newspaper DER STANDARD. A project realised by museum in progress in cooperation with Austrian Airlines and gewista; media partners: DER STANDARD and INFOSCREEN.

The gewista module system allows an almost infinite number of variations of the different motifs, of colour satellite photos with the vapour trails of aeroplanes and the black and white photos which, as zooms on Earth, stand in contrast to images from space. The choreography of the modules has been designed by the artist on only a few billboards. Mostly it was left to the gewista employees to create their versions of "Museum in Progress".