Jardin Voyageur/Travelling Garden

The French artist Martine Aballéa designed the tenth project in the "Billboard" series from museum in progress. The four variable countryside scenes shown on the posters were originally black and white photographs which were computer-processed with pink, lilac, blue and grey hues; the title "Jardin Voyageur" or "Travelling Garden" was superimposed in gold letters. 

The project, which came about in co-operation with the "Styrian Autumn" festival and which was made possible by Austrian Airlines, gewista, Europlakat and Infoscreen, was realised exclusively in media space as part of the "Art and Global Media" exhibition. The billboards were shown from October 1998 in Graz and Budapest and then from December 1998 to January 1999 on approximately 2,800 billboards in Vienna as well as a further 500 in 20 other European cities. The project was also presented on 20 Infoscreen screens in underground stations in Vienna.

"Jardin Voyageur/Travelling Garden" was awarded the Gustav Klimt Prize 1999 as one of the best billboards of 1994 in the special category "Original Poster Art" following the proposal of an independent jury.

Documentation: Folder with a text by Vitus Weh.