Freud and Psychoanalysis

Freud and Psychoanalysis 01

"I have always found extremely repulsive the common practise of sharing the main dishes in a Chinese Restaurant."

"So when, recently, I gave expression to this repulsion and insisted on finishing my plate alone, I became victim of an ironic wild psychoanalysis on the part of my table neighbour: is not this repulsion of mine, this resistance to sharing a meal, a symbolic form of the fear of sharing a partner, i. e., of sexual promiscuity?"

"The first answer that came to mind, of course, was a variation on de Quinceys caution against the art of murder – the true horror is not sexual promiscuity but sharing a Chinese dish: how many people have entered the way of perdition with some innocent gang bang, which at the time was of no great importance to them, and ended by sharing the main dishes in a Chinese restaurant."