Flying Home

"Flying Home" by Thomas Bayrle is the twelfth contribution to the exhibition series "Billboard" by museum in progress. Variations on the artistic theme were presented from December 2000 to January 2001 on approximately 2,500 billboards and as computer animations on video screens in underground stations in Vienna. A project realised by museum in progress in cooperation with Austrian Airlines, gewista and INFOSCREEN.

"With 'Flying Home' I almost go back to the sixties 'Op-Pop-Comic-Box' with the motto: Ski jumper made of yellow aeroplane cards is flying to the right in front of a sky made of blue aeroplane cards – and – aeroplane made of yellow ski jumper cards is flying to the left in front of a sky made of blue ski jumper cards. In this 'Flying Home-dialectic', 'raging standstill' dominates on the level of elementary particles. They always stay where they are. 'The aeroplanes' apparent change of location takes place on a higher level through projection. By beaming movements onto the particles remaining in raging standstill, the illusion of a change of location is created. The aeroplanes 'know that' – and return quickly – just like 'Hänschen klein' in the nursery rhyme." 
(Thomas Bayrle)