DO IT – TV-Version

DO IT – No. 15

[Michael Smith, Director of ITEA] Soon we’ll enter the 21st century, when curatorial responsibility will be transferred into the hands of the artist. The probability for redirecting and expanding opportunities and dialogue will be increased exponentially.

[Michael Smith, artist; browses through exhibition invitation cards] There must be at least 25 announcements here for group exhibitions. My work would look really good in at least 75% of these shows.

How to become a curator of your own group exhibition …

[Reads a letter] Oh great, chain letter. Oh hey, Cindy Sherman’s name is on the list.

Step 1: Choose three known international artists with whom you would like to exhibit your work.

[Chooses Duchamp, Naumann and Bourgeois] Pretty good company…

[Michael Smith, Director of ITEA] As the information super-highway continues to expand, artists will barely have enough time to sleep, as they become the content providers for the future.

Step 2: Put your name on the list of artists.

[Michael Smith, artist] Looks like a very interesting group exhibition.

Step 3: Look for a title of your exhibition and prepare the press material.

I think “Reconsidering Context” would be a good title.

Step 4: Send invitations to 6 more artists to participate in your group exhibition.

[Michael Smith, Director of ITEA] All of us at ITEA are very excited about plans to post the group exhibition “Reconsidering Context” onto our website, which by the way will be visited by millions globally.

[Michael Smith, artist] I can’t wait to get online. As soon as I get a modem for this thing, I’m gonna have my own homepage.

Step 5: Tell everyone, that you meet in person or online, about your exhibition.

Video, 2:57 min, music: Neil Diamond