Gap Filler

A Lifetime of 61 Years

Dieter Roth: "A Lifetime of 61 Years", a "do-it-yourself novel" translated in Vienna 1995/1996 for museum in progress by the SZENARIO team according to a recipe by D.R.

The contributions of Dieter Roth, which were printed in the TV supplement SZENARIO from August 1995 to March 1996, were continuing extracts from his do-it-yourself novel, "A Lifetime of 50 Years" from 1990, which was modified by the SZENARIO team according to the artist's instructions. Dieter Roth underlined words in his "do-it-yourself novel" which should be replaced by film titles, the titles of series or TV programmes which appeared on the same page of the TV supplement. He created a work corresponding to the specific medium for which it was designed.

This project was realised in co-operation with the daily newspaper DER STANDARD and Stella Rollig – curator commissioned by the Minister of Commerce, Research and Art. museum in progress thanks the mumok for the documentary project photos.