Layers of Time 04

museum in progress asks: Anna Jermolaewa

For museum in progress’ exhibition series “Layers of Time” in DATUM you chose the date 7 November 1981 resp. 1982 as basis for your artwork. What significance does this date have for you, what do you associate with it?

It is the day of the October Revolution. On this day my family went, like all others, to the demonstration. We walked in the convoy of the factory, where my father used to work. As child I sometimes was even allowed to ride on the decorated van. This was very enjoyable and a special day.

Have you worked on this subject before in other pieces of art?

Not really.

Which aspects of your artistic work are especially important to you?

Openness, accessibility.

If you could determine one of your works of art to outlast the course of time and to be still admired in the far future, which would you choose?

Maybe the video “3 min. Trying to Survive” from 2000.

Are significant personal experiences important for your art? If yes: Could you give an example?

Yes. My works are often autobiographical, albeit not necessarily at first glance. One of the most significant experiences was my escape to the west.

What is the appeal in creating a work of art for public spaces or the media?

This way I reach a wider public.

To what extent should art fulfil any socio-political tasks?

I don’t suppose that art has to do so by all means, but I often quote my fellow countryman Vladimir Tatlin, who was convinced: “Our art has anticipated the revolution.” I think it is great if an artist can claim something like that about himself.

How would you characterise good art?

It strikes a nerve in society.

What are the limits of art?

The limits are where someone else is being seriously hurt. Apart from that there are no limits.

All participating artists of “Layers of Time” are asked to answer the same questions. In this way the serial character of the project is emphasised as well as the artists’ individual points of view, and the interested readership gets additional information about the works and their creators.