With an Open Mind

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft: With an Open Mind – Tolerance and Diversity

Globalisation has a profound effect not only on economic and political systems but also on the way people live and work together. Whether we are dealing with religion, ethnic roots or political views – the world is becoming a more crowded place. This is why tolerance will be one of the key conditions for ensuring a peaceful future.

Promoting tolerance also means defining where tolerance stops: it does not mean indifference. On the contrary: it means tolerance has to be re-discovered as an active virtue, as a task for societies, cultures and individuals. Yet, what conditions define an open society, what role do politics and the media play in presenting the image of tolerance to the public? How can we realise our ideas and concepts? Do we have to ask what happens when tolerance is threatened?

Deutsche Bank has set itself a goal of defining this challenge in the context of social and political developments in the new millennium. The bank's cultural activities in 2002 will be conducted under the motto "With an Open Mind: Tolerance and Diversity".