Global Positions 11

Proposal for a new museum for Timor Timor

The main point of this architecture for the museum is that it doesn't quite have one.

Spaces for dis-, re-, non-, counter-orientation. As befits a place called East East (Timor is East. East Timor is Timor Timor or TimTim to those who know their bearings around this place.)

The earth mound and the scant building only partially framing the mound is a "stately" preserve for a central core that is to take on cultural depth, in time.

Such a place could persist as a gem of the self-determination period. Or lapse as an abandoned icon of it, a landscaped or jungled mound with only walls standing and roofs gone. This should be possible, too.

Courtyards to visit and ponder 1975 – 1999. Or if the museum became significant to TimTimorese self-determination, then extend and extend it.

It must be possible for this "architecture" to provoke a community to actively decide what sort of museum might be wise. Or indeed, whether to have one at all.

The museum is a commencement place, and mustn't close in, enclose, privilege closure.