Statement by Una Meistere

museum in progress is one of the most visionary museum projects of all time. For thirty years, it has not only continued to exist as an institution outside the standard framework; it has also, at the same time, served as a direct embodiment of the fundamental values of democratic society. This dynamic model of existence and an ability to fittingly inhabit places and social structures that already have a voice of their own, thereby creating new models of perception and forms of functioning through contemporary art, have allowed museum in progress to keep alive a culture of discussion and diversity of opinions as well as stimulate the thought process via a wide variety of social platforms. museum in progress proves that art has a voice, but also that the true power of art is revealed in interaction – innovative, extraordinary and sometimes openly provocative interaction. The projects organised by museum in progress are procedural contributions to our common desire for a better world, which, in the current capitalist environment, may sound utopian. But perhaps it is not, if we assume that, according to Joseph Beuys, the whole world is being created as a “social sculpture”...