With these "Interventions" in media space, which ran parallel to an exhibition in the Kunsthalle Vienna (11 Aug. – 17 Sept. 1995), the artist Christian Boltanski made an active contribution to the reappraisal of Austria's nazi past. In the daily newspaper Der Standard, the Austrian TV culture programme "10 1/2", on small posters in various locations and on the internet, he showed portraits from a 1931 photograph of the last school class at the Zwi Perez Chajes grammar school in Vienna with the following text, "If you know what became of him/her, please write to: Christian Boltanski, museum in progress, Fischerstiege 1, 1010 Vienna".

The hoped-for reactions, which to some extent also arrived, were intended to help remember and follow the fates of the pupils whose lives were torn apart by the terrible circumstances of the National Socialist take-over and the war: the past becomes a living form of memory. This active form of remembering can be seen as an alternative concept to traditional forms such as monuments, memorials, plaques and so on.

A museum in progress project in co-operation with the daily newspaper Der Standard, the ORF (Austrian national broadcasting corporation) and Stella Rollig who was then Curator from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art.

The "Interventions" appeared 1995 in the following issues of the newspaper DER STANDARD:

31 July, pages 9, 19
02 August, pages 8, 19
07 August, pages 8, 19
09 August, page 8
10 August, page 9
14/15 August, pages 9, 19
17 August, page 9
21 August, page 9
28 August, pages 15, 19
04 September, pages 15, 19