Vital Use

Vital Use 06

Andrea Zittel bought a terraced house in Brooklyn and set up a modular system for her own products. Zittel's products are mainly distributed via the gallery, and the house takes on the multiple functions of a non-commercial showroom, a meeting place and a studio. Here Zittel tests her prototypes by living with them herself, inviting guests and visitors to share the experiences of comfort, protection, isolation, intimacy and also of imagination which she aims to create. In the Standard, Zittel works with the artist and former photo model and star photographer Rudi Molacek. Zittel shows Molacek – Molacek shows Zittel.

(Hans-Ulrich Obrist)

The section on Andrea Zittel is taken from a conversation of Marius Babias with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, published in March 1996 by Lindinger and Schmid, Regensburg.