Vital Use

Vital Use 01

Fabrice Hyber founded the limited company UR (Unlimited Responsibility) and thereby made himself independent. He playfully creates and organises a continually growing pool of prototypes which he first tests in exhibition situations and then has them produced. Although from a purely commercial point of view the organisation operates on a modest budget, UR has managed to achieve a great measure of independence in its dealings with galleries and museums. For Vital Use Fabrice Hyber tested his "Homme de Bessines" in Vienna. It is a UR product in the form of a small green plastic figure, a potential fountain, with water flowing from all bodily orifices. Hyber has organised a competition for Standard readers, whoever looks most like the "Homme de Bessines" wins the original sculpture. The feedback from his project will once again appear in the newspaper as the conclusion of Vital Use.

(Hans-Ulrich Obrist)

The section on Fabrice Hyber is taken from a conversation of Marius Babias with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, published in March 1996 by Lindinger and Schmid, Regensburg.