Safety Curtain

Safety Curtain 2013/2014

The Austrian artist Oswald Oberhuber has created the 16th large-format picture for the exhibition series "Safety Curtain" at the Vienna State Opera. 

Oswald Oberhuber's work for the Vienna State Opera is about music. In the centre of the picture is a treble clef surrounded by curved lines and arrows reminiscent of musical movements. Apart from the names of composers (from Bach and Lully to Wagner) the individual notes and lightly insinuated staves reference the music to be heard in the opera house. The harmonious aesthetic composition of the black-and-white abstract work reflects the artist’s conviction that "for it to be understood an abstract picture must be attractive".

"Safety Curtain 2013/2014" is dedicated to Josef Ortner († 2009). He was a student of Oswald Oberhuber and in 1990 he founded museum in progress together with Kathrin Messner.

"Safety Curtain" is a project of museum in progress in cooperation with the Vienna State Opera and the Bundestheater-Holding. Support: Felbermayr and Weinquartier Wien. Digital Imaging: Vienna Paint. Production: Trevision. Management: Kaspar Mühlemann Hartl.