Safety Curtain

Safety Curtain 2002/2003

The Italian artist Giulio Paolini has created the 5th large-format picture for the safety curtain at the Vienna State Opera House for the exhibition series "Safety Curtain". This work, which has been developed especially for this location, could be seen over the period of the opera season 2002/2003.

"The safety curtain is a border, an opaque, heavy dividing wall, the force of its materiality hiding and closing off the stage. This time the safety curtain appears to lose its solidity. It eludes gravity and divides into four tracks which run towards the middle from the four outer edges so that the gold threads form a large central frame. The 'picture' opens onto a night sky in which several curious objects (props, stage things) float in space and time between stars waiting for their deployment and their role." (Giulio Paolini)

"Safety Curtain" is a project by museum in progress in cooperation with the Vienna State Opera made possible by the Cultural Foundation of Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Bank Vienna. 

Production partner: CALSI – Computer Aided Large Scale Imagery: BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH, Trevision; Digital Imaging: Vienna Paint; Hotel and Catering: ilton Vienna.