Portrait of Austrian Airlines

The Cuban artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres, who died in 1996, was chosen for the third project in the "Billboard" series of exhibitions for Austrian Airlines and gewista. His The patron should become the subject of the artistic work. Gonzalez-Torres took the material for his writing-pictures from the activities of the company – it is all the destinations to which Austrian Airlines has flown since 1956 (since the 2nd World War) with the year in which they were added to the flight schedule: from Amman (1992) as one of the latest to Zurich (1958) one of the earliest.

A complete directory of Austrian Airlines destinations could be seen in an impressive 15m long format on about 200, out of a total 3,000 billboards in Vienna. The other billboards featured various extracts from the work which was shown from mid-December 1993 for approximately two months.