Newspaper Wall

Newspaper Wall 01

"Newspaper Wall" 1992 consisted of a monthly changing programme, each featuring 15 large-format projections (18m x 18m), which were projected from the roof of the Museum of Applied Art onto a blank wall of the Academy of Fine Art. From January to February and from October to December 1992 projections were shown which students from the Master Class for Graphics (Professor Lürzer) were commissioned to produce by various companies ("Training on the job" programme).

Between March and September, under the title "obviously continuing", projections by young artists chosen by curator Judith Fischer were shown (Fritz Grohs, Max Boehme, Oliver Croy, Margarete Jahrmann, Christian Hutzinger, Richard Fleissner, Matta Wagnest, Carola Dertnig/Wolfgang Schrom, Bonita Szabo, Dorit Margreiter, Richard Hoeck, Manuela Burghardt/Stefan Beck, Bernhard Cella, Klaus Scherübel).

The project was realised in co-operation with the Museum of Applied Art, the newspaper, DER STANDARD and Federal Curator, Robert Fleck (Ministry of Education and Art).

Documentation: Poster (Edition: 2000 copies).