Interventions in progress

Interventions in progress 41


1 It is a perfect mirror of society.
2 It makes us think about and engage with difficult questions.
3 It challenges artists to constantly reinvent themselves, creating new and unpredictable work.
4 It makes art accessible and invites participation from all kinds of audiences.
5 It keeps the cultural mainstream refreshed by including the work of women and minorities.
6 It furthers the development of artistic geniuses, valuing work of true quality.
7 It helps people to appreciate beauty and truth.
8 It calls attention to relevant issues.
9 It gives a voice to those outside of the mainstream.
10 It is constantly expanding the field of art beyond traditional categories.
11 It is a model of openness and innovation.
12 It dares to go beyond the mere creation of controversy, enabling genuine political and interdisciplinary dialogue.
13 It uses its power positively.
14 It recognizes the importance and seriousness of its work.
15 It has a great sense of humor.