Interventions 11

From the Turkish daily SABAH, November 08, 1995


Turkish women use their household equipment in different ways, most of them unheard of before. Here are a few:
In order to avoid the trouble of blowing or fanning when making a fire, blow-dryers are used. On the other hand, some ladies who want straight hair iron their hair with a lukewarm clothes iron.

Vegetable cleaning in the dishwasher
Vegetables which are difficult to wash because they are muddy, such as spinach, celery or lettuce leaves are put in the dishwasher. Soaked for 10 minutes in the pre-wash programme, they come out squeaky clean.

Yoghurt drink in the washing machine
Since washing machines with rolling pins have fallen out of favour since the advent of the electronic washing machines, they are used in ways undreamt of even by their manufactures; for making Ayran (yoghurt drink) or butter by churning the yoghurt or the milk.

A revolution in electronic washing machines
Even when there is no running water in the house, some ladies are able to use their washing machines. This is done by pouring pitcherfuls of water into the detergent powder compartment. When the water has reached the adequate level, washing starts.

Laundry drying in the oven
Ladies who discover their newly washed underwear is still moist aren't left helpless anymore. Stockings or synthetic fabrics which have to be dry in a jiffy are simply put in the oven.