moving practice


"Le Génie du mal" with a twist - museum in progress presents diabolical guardian angels of art by Sarah Ortmeyer at the Vienna Central Station. The artist declines the genius of evil, skilfully playing with the manifold associations we all associate with the figure of the devil. In Ortmeyer's work, the devil takes the form of a Diabolus Protector, whose appearance is reminiscent of functional emoticons. The protective devil as an expression of good in evil opens up a new facet of travelling in the transition spaces of the station – in line with the project title "moving practice" – as a path through the multi-layered meaning contents and medial manifestations of the iconographic devil symbol up to its reversal: the devil as a fallen angel is a protective angel in Ortmeyer's work. The granting of protection is a fundamental help that lies in the nature of all angels, and the art installation at the main station invites travellers to reflect on mutual help and succour.

The 3.18 x 1m works on a silver background will be on display above the stairways at platforms 3/4 to 11/12 from June until mid July 2023 and the A0 billboards at Vienna Central Station for one year until the end of May 2024.

One DIABOLUS (PROTECTOR) by Sarah Ortmeyer is available as an art edition. It is a C-print in A0 format of the billboards. Further information and subscription under:

moving practice is a project by museum in progress at Vienna Central Station in cooperation with ÖBB Werbung. Made possible by the Arts Section of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKÖS). Support: Bildrecht. Hotel partner: Hotel Altstadt. Curated by Alois Herrmann and Kaspar Mühlemann Hartl.