Large Scale Picture

20 Fleck

Walter Obholzer's work "20 Fleck" (10m x 54m) continued the museum in progress exhibition series "Large Scale Picture". The ornamental ordering, repetition and layering of apparently the same forms in various tones of brown made the work appear like an enormous frieze in the cityscape. Despite their high degree of abstraction, the forms themselves have their more concrete moments. The artist consciously worked with the intended as well as free associations of the viewer.

"20 Fleck" could be seen on the facade of the Kunsthalle Vienna from December 1994 until March 1995. The project with Hans-Ulrich Obrist as curator, was realised in co-operation with the company, Beko, and the Austrian Federal Curator Markus Brüderlin (Ministry of Science, Research and Art).

Documentation: Postcards; folder with texts by Markus Brüderlin and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.