White Wall Travelling 1997

500 Sacked Dockers Slogans, Liverpool 1997

Dockers in scabs out

I'll be rather a picket than a scab

Re-instate the five hundred

The workers united will never be defited

Say no to casualisation

Victory to the Liverpool Dockers

Long Live International Solidarity

If we fight we can win if we don't fight we've already lost

An injury to one is an injury to all

Scab port

Mad cow port

Women of the waterfront: stand by your men

You'll never walk alone

Whose side are you on Tony Blair

Reclaim our port

Uncasual labour

38 000000 pounds profits 500 dockers sacked

Mr. Fulong 361000 pounds a year and a sacked docker 44 pounds a week, hope you feel good Mr Fulong!

W.O.W. (Women of the Waterfront) in struggle with five hundred Liverpool dockers

Twenty months in dispute

W.O.W. together we will win