TransAct 17

TransAct statement

Ines Doujak, Vienna, is making her space for a statement available to Augustine Leisch and the Feminist Resistance Council:

The establishment of the right-wing conservative and fascist government is a threat for immigrants, workers, schoolchildren and students, the unemployed, for the independence of women, for single parent families, pensioners and for feminist, lesbian and left-wing project politics. With this new government the right-wing, which had already been influencing policies for years with the support of the social democrats, has established itself in power.

The FPÖ (Freedom Party) and ÖVP (People's Party) government represents a sharper attack against the social, political and economic independence of women and an attack against equality of opportunity in society. The freedom of women to be able to choose between career and family is an illusion. Most women will be driven away from the job market even more than previously. Insecure jobs and part-time work (as care workers, childcare personnel, tele-workers, cleaning personnel) are typical for women and immigrants. Flexibility is increasingly demanded in these fields. That means being available 24 hours a day and maximum exploitation. Everyone who is not white, male, healthy, efficient and heterosexual will have to reckon with massive limitations in their everyday freedom.

Since the 70's women have organised themselves independently and built up a varied feminist movement to fight for freedom for women and to eradicate sexism in everyday life and in government. In the struggle against sexism lesbians have strengthened friendships, contacts between women and independence for women. The current situation confirms the necessity for this struggle. This government must go! Let us draw attention to and end sexist violence in everyday life and in government! Let us defend our right to a free choice of alternative lifestyles, which also include love and work! Let us fight for a secure social system and the right of residence for everyone! Let us break down the walls of the racist fortress Europe and fight for open borders! Let us have solidarity between us and create societies in which freedom and justice can be experienced by everyone!

Women/lesbians from the Autonomous Feminist Resistance Council, Vienna