TransAct 11

TransAct statement

Austrians now have the choice between two pasts – fascism and democracy. Both pasts came to them far too cheaply. 

They will have to fight for democracy because they have allowed it to slip from their hands. A part of democracy is the fact that it can be lost. They will have to fight for a long time for democracy and also for Europe. They have brought shame on Europe.

Europe can live without, but not with, a fascist Austria. Austrians will now finally bring their Nazi past to light and will have to look themselves in the face. "We were the victims of the Germans," that is now finished with.

Three years ago, as secret protests from army veterans stopped the erection of a monument in Graz, despite a unanimous jury decision, it was clear that there are ancestral estates in Austria which are fascist and which have a great deal of influence. The controversial text on the monument: "The price of courage is death".

Austrians will have to fight, that is new. The discrete charm of cowardice and lies has done its work.

Jochen Gerz

Paris, 23 February 2K