Travelling Eye

Travelling Eye

museum in progress is pleased to announce the opening of further temporary exhibition space in the Austrian weekly newsmagazine "profil". Under the title "Travelling Eye" twelve international artists will each contribute a double page spread of colour photography in four consecutive issues. The exhibition starts in November 1995, lasts for one year and is curated by Stella Rollig and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. 

The theme of "Travelling Eye" revolves around various notions of migrations and shifts of perspective. The project encompasses a wide sense of the strolling photographer: as Godard says, "Everything is in-between".

"Travelling Eye" features twelve artists who have found a new form of narration in serial photography without a fixed plot. Their pictures are open to various readings of the cultural in-between space which, in the words of Homi K. Bhabha, constitutes a third space between cultural incorporation and destruction in confrontation with the other. Photography not as a means of distancing oneself from the world but as a medium to make contact.

The four photographs per artist will be printed on a double page without a margin. A dynamic breathing space in the middle of the weekly news.

This media exhibition will be seen by more than half a million readers and will also be mailed worldwide. A comprehensive publication is planned at the end of the year.


Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan, April 1996
John Baldessari, USA, December 1995
Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Switzerland, September 1996
Bernhard Fuchs, Austria, November 1995
Nan Goldin, USA, May 1996
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, USA, February 1996
Richard Hoeck, Austria, October 1996
Roni Horn, USA, August 1996
Jean-Luc Moulène, France, March 1996
Gabriel Orozco, Mexico, July 1996
Jack Pierson, USA, January 1996
Gerhard Richter, Germany, June 1996