Portraits of Artists

museum in progress: Portraits of Artists – Concept

The discourse developed by the artist as a commentator on his own work has retained its central importance for the understanding of contemporary art as the artist meets and communicates with the public on equal terms. The video series, "Videoportraits", created by museum in progress and Peter Kogler carves out a space in the media where this discourse can take place undisturbed by the demands of the prevalent video aesthetic and still be open to as wide and intensive a reception as possible.

All the conversations are based on a simple scheme, both from the organisational and aesthetic points of view. This creates the framework of the series with a minimal use of resources. The artists choose their own conversation partners. Only the artist is seen on screen in front of a background colour of his or her choice while the conversation partner sits off-camera, asks questions and stimulates discussion. The artist may also have a say in the cutting and sequencing of this self-portrait in discourse and may also create a special work which is included as an insert, introduction or afterword to the discourse.

The videos are intended to be channelled into the everyday medium of TV on the one hand and, on the other, to be integrated into the video libraries of museums and art academies to set up a new means of artistic communication which works without any didactic mediation.