urbanTension 03


And you who always said you weren't racist!

My contribution to the urbanTension project is a cartoon drawing of a blond woman sitting in her childbed with a black baby in her arms, talking to the visiting white father. Underneath the drawing the following text is written: "And you who always said you weren't racist!" The work is a redrawing of a cartoon that I found in a Danish woman magazine back in 1994.

I have done quite a few projects outside the physical room of the art institutions before, most of them have been based on the idea related to the actual context the piece was placed in, I mean the political, racial, religious, cultural, economical etc. context.

urbanTension asked me to make a work, which could make sense to show everywhere from Frankfurt to Athens to Beijing, a kind of a multi global statement.

The project is not like most of my previous projects dealing with the meeting of different cultures in a specific place but like a postcard from the white European rich fundamentalist capitalistic culture I live in. The work is bringing up some of the inter human conflicts which are present in Western Europe in the hope that reflecting on these conflicts can be relevant even outside the context they are referring to. A postcard from Western Europe to China.

My disposals towards the show is not only based on my difficulties with the concept of the urbanTension project but also on some thoughts related to doing art outside the psychical room of the art institutions that I have had lately.

My new ambition is to do projects outside the physical room of the art institutions that are addressing its audience more direct than some of my earlier projects. Projects that are not covered up in a lot of sophisticated artistic moves. Projects which also has the ambition to meet people who are passing by and who are not looking for an art experience. Projects which is not only a message for an exclusive art audience which happen to take place outside the art institution.

"And you who always said you weren't racist !" is the first project which I have made related to this idea of simplicity and anti sophisticated artistic moves. The next one to come will be a wall painting in Copenhagen.