Statement by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein

“Art has a strange relationship with the mind, not just through the imagination, which is a characteristic of both, but fundamentally and even more so through the special ex-territoriality that they also have typically in common. Neither art nor its godmother the mind can be conclusively defined”, wrote the curator Cathrin Pichler in 1989 for the Festwochen exhibition “Wunderblock, eine Geschichte der modernen Seele”. Pichler has collaborated with museum in progress on pioneering projects such as TransAct in 2000, and they both seek continually for these necessary and ex-territorial marginal platforms and shifting communication formats. They also have in common an evident critical questioning of the means at their disposal, their instruments and their own attitudes within the cultural landscape – as Walter Benjamin anticipated in his lecture “The author as producer”, the only possible attitude in an intensely political theatre.