Selection 2000

To mark the millennium, Wein & Co is presenting the edition "Selection 2000" consisting of 2000 unique numbered pieces. An artistic subject has not simply been applied to a medium but a concept has been realised by means of the latest technology. Each individual token forms one two-thousandth of the whole subject. 

The design consists of a map of the world which could have served as a tablecloth for a dinner party. The traces of red wine and stains from wine glasses change the categorical allocation of colour and form an abstract pattern. The subject was enlarged to about 21m² and then cut into 2000 individual pieces in the format 9x12cm. This creates concrete identifiable details from a map of the world. The collector has the topographic choice. 

Each token is available in a special case with an information sheet about which part of the world is portrayed. The whole work can be seen on the website. There is also the opportunity to exchange these collectors' items via the Internet. The tokens can be ordered by e-mail and can be redeemed in every Austrian branch of Wein & Co. 

Edition: 2000 numbered pieces
Price: 2000 ATS (146.35 Euro)
Value: 2000 ATS (146.35 Euro)
Material: transparent Plexiglas with matt foil on both sides
Case: cover in embossed synthetic leather
Front: artistic subject
Back: information
Concept and realisation: museum in progress
Digital imaging: Vienna Paint
Production: CALSI (Computer Aided Large Scale Imagery): BEKO

Available and redeemable from November 1999 in all Austrian branches of
Wein & Co.