Journey to the Source

In this project from museum on progress, designed with curator Stella Rollig, young Austrian artists undertook a project of their own which involved flying to an Austrian Airlines destination. The length of time spent at the destination was left for the artist to decide. The artists contributed to a catalogue to present and document their "Journey to the Source". The project ran from autumn 1992 until the end of 1993. 50 artists were selected from approximately 400 applications.

The project was realised in co-operation with Austrian Airlines and Robert Fleck, curator commissioned by the Minister for Education and Art. For each Austrian Airlines ticket bought by Robert Fleck through museum in progress, the airline gave museum in progress a free ticket. This longer term co-operation (Austrian Airlines Official Carrier of museum in progress) generated enough tickets to enable some to be allocated to other artists involved in different projects.

Documentation: A two-volume catalogue closed the project: the first volume documents the applications and the second presents the artistic "results" of the journeys with each artist filling six pages. The start and end points of the journeys can then be compared.

A few copies of this documentation are still available. Visit our webshop.