Worlds of Work

some establishing shots (labour)

In the poster project "Worlds of Work" Dorit Margreiter examines the influence of the film and television industries on our lives. She uses TV soap operas and has collected images (establishing shots) which define the location and content of the series. With these images the artist tells stories on the billboards of fictional work situations and also refers to the urban location of the Chamber of Labour building, which comes into play as the backdrop to the billboards. (Brigitte Huck)

The billboard exhibition by the austrian artist Dorit Margreiter could be seen from March – May 2002 in front of the buildings of the Vienna Chamber of Labour (1040 Wien, Prinz Eugenstrasse 20–22 and Plößlgasse 13). The work was also presented in the daily newspaper DER STANDARD and on INFOSCREENs in the Vienna subway-system. A museum in progress project in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Labour.