moving practice


Christian Robert-Tissot in the digital museum in progress:

For Vienna's main railway station, Robert-Tissot designed word pictures that modulate in bright colours. On adhesive foils (3.18 x 1 m) above the stairways at platforms 3/4 to 11/12, travellers are asked to hurry up because the sun is about to set (HURRY UP, THE SUN IS ABOUT TO SET). Behind the clear textual and graphic design are hidden multi-layered levels of meaning, which remind us of the transience of time and can also be read in relation to socio-political issues, such as the climate crisis. The metaphor of the sun setting can thus be understood as a symbolic reference to a critical situation that requires movement and quick action. Each individual can feel addressed by this word image, depending on their circumstances and personal challenges.

Christian Robert-Tissot's artwork also relates to the exhibition site of the station, which is a place of movement and passage. The passers-by who walk through the station every day are in constant motion and hurry. moving practice transforms this place of movement into a place of reflection and pause. The A0 billboards correspond with the adhesive foils. Spread across the station, Christian Robert-Tissot opens up further horizons for us, which he has again set into the picture on A0 billboards in writing and vivid colour. HORIZON is what the artist writes, and museum in progress becomes a tour operator that sends its audience with the sun over horizons of personal reflection again and again.

The works on adhesive foils will be on display at Vienna Central Station from April 2023 for six weeks until mid-May and the A0 billboards for one year until the end of March 2024.

An art edition of Christian Robert-Tissot's work is available. It is a screen print with the phrase "HURRY UP, THE SUN IS ABOUT TO SET" on C-print in the format 100 x 34 cm. Further information under

moving practice is a project by museum in progress at Vienna Central Station in cooperation with ÖBB Werbung. Made possible by the Arts Section of the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKÖS) with the support of the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia. Support: Bildrecht. Hotel partner: Hotel Altstadt. Curated by Alois Herrmann and Kaspar Mühlemann Hartl.