Worlds of Work

Arbeit macht froh (Work brings happiness)

"Arbeit macht froh" ("Work brings happiness") by the Austrian artist couple Julius Deutschbauer and Gerhard Spring is the thirteenth billboard exhibition in the course of the exhibition series "Worlds of Work" by museum in progress in cooperation with the Vienna Chamber of Labour. The exhibition was presented from February – April 2005 in front of the buildings of the Vienna Chamber of Labour (1040 Wien, Prinz Eugenstraße 20–22 and Plößlgasse 13). The work was also presented in the daily newspaper DER STANDARD and on INFOSCREENs in the Vienna subway-system.

"Arbeit macht froh" ("Work brings happiness"), say Julius Deutschbauer and Gerhard Spring, who in tandem bring art as a service to the people. In their hands the popular radio and television genre of the "Doppelconférence" (comedy duo) has been condensed into a biting satire made up of text, images and performance. Deutschbauer/Spring's artful poster campaigns are full to the brim with comic slapstick. However, on the level of content, the pointed images reveal themselves as razor-sharp social analyses and subversive political parables: oozing ambiguity. (Brigitte Huck)